Vegan, Toxin Free, Animal Friendly & Skin Friendly Perfumes

About Us

Topnote is an exquisite artisanal fragrance brand crafted for the modern and ardent you. The very name is an ode to the importance of making a first impression of note. As the subtle yet sublime top notes of a fragrance are perceived first, they remain etched in your memory.

About Us

Our fragrances are crafted from select ingredients that combine unexpected and rare extracts, inspired by life’s serendipitous moments of love, laughter, togetherness and inner confidence. Our experienced perfumers bottle them with unlimited imagination and freedom to bring you a set of evocative aromas that will urge you to leave a lingering trail of unique experiences behind.

Begin your Topnote journey with a selection of two women’s and two men’s fragrances. Open up a new you and uncap your next adventure today.

Free of toxins, dyes and preservatives, our perfumes are as skin-friendly as they are animal friendly.